Unknown Prescription: Meet the Artist Charles Balzan

As the current contemporary exhibition Unknown Prescription comes to an end (open until Sunday 14 April 2024), Il-Ħaġar Museum offers art lovers the opportunity to meet one of the three Maltese artists, Charles Balzan, who will walk them through his part in the exhibition.  Unknown Prescription: Meet the Artist Charles Balzan is scheduled for Saturday 6 April 2024 at 11:00 at the Museum.  

This is an occasion for the audience to have a more genuine encounter with the artist before the closure of this contemporary exhibition.  Balzan’s latest endeavour of blackening stones with soot and then printing onto them is reminiscent of destruction and loss but also of creativity and meaning.  The breaking up of the bodies into fragments placed strategically around the Museum cannot but invite the visitor to ponder the continuum extending between life and the possibility of an afterlife, with death as its fulcrum.

Entrance to the Museum is free. 

Reservations for the event is recommended by emailing: events@heartofgozo.org.mt

The Way of the Cross

The public is encouraged to visit Il-Ħaġar Museum at the heart of Victoria, Gozo, to see the local handcrafted figurines (pasturi) exhibited in the typical Good Friday procession in celebration of the current religious Lent period.  Parishioner Mr Carmel Farrugia from Victoria is the creator of this curious exhibit at Il-Ħaġar portraying scenes from the Via Crucis.  One has to appreciate the attention he has devoted to detail especially when considering that he is handling miniature-sized clay statuettes.  Something naïve-like, unaffected, and unsophisticated emerges from the end result of his pasturi.  Mr Farrugia has patiently laid out this three-dimensional representation of the local society where religion still weaves itself around other threads forming the fabric of Gozitan life.

Lent to Easter – Gozo Philatelic Society

The Gozo Philatelic Society has prepared yet another exhibition titled Lent to Easter. This will be hosted by Il-Ħaġar Museum from Thursday 29 February 2024 until Monday 8 April 2024 at Level -1. Visitors can admire a variety of stamps portraying scenes ranging from Lent processions to Easter celebrations. The Museum’s opening hours are Monday to Sunday, 9:00-17:00. Entrance is free.

Unknown Prescription

Il-Ħaġar Museum is delighted to present 𝑼𝒏𝒌𝒏𝒐𝒘𝒏 𝑷𝒓𝒆𝒔𝒄𝒓𝒊𝒑𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏, an exhibition of works by Mario Abela, Charles Balzan, and Justin Falzon. Curated by Austin Camilleri, the exhibition explores ideas of transition, fragmentation and the flesh, where paintings and photography dialogue with artefacts from the Museum’s permanent collection.

𝑼𝒏𝒌𝒏𝒐𝒘𝒏 𝑷𝒓𝒆𝒔𝒄𝒓𝒊𝒑𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏 will be inaugurated on Saturday 27 January 2024 at 19:30.

RSVP: events@heartofgozo.org.mt.

The exhibition will remain open until 14 April 2024, Monday to Sunday (09:00-17:00). 

The exhibition catalogue (No. 28 of Il-Ħaġar Gems Series) is expected to feature essays by Austin Camilleri, Maria Frendo, Niki Young, and Gabriel Zammit, and will be officially launched on Saturday 17 February 2024.

The exhibition is supported by: Gozo Action Group Foundation through the LEADER programme, Gozo Regional Development Authority, VisitGozo.com, Cultural Heritage Directorate, Ministry for Gozo, Visit Malta, Malta Tourism Authority, AUSTIN CAMILLERI STUDIO, Culture18fineart, CVC media, Klabb Kotba Maltin.

Another landmark Exhibition at Il-Ħaġar Museum

Il-Ħaġar Museum is honoured to offer yet another exceptional temporary exhibition to mark the end of the special year recommended by Pope Francis on the sesquicentenary of the declaration of St Joseph as Patron of the Universal Church.  

‘Joseph: The Silent Witness’ features no fewer than 77 works of art by great artists such as Mattia Preti, Giuseppe d’Arena, Carlo Maratta, Carlo Troisi, Giuseppe Calì, Michele Busuttil, Mariano Gerada, Emvin Cremona, Anton Agius and Mario Caffaro Rore, among many others.  

Opening on Sunday 17th October at 6.00pm by His Lordship Mgr Anton Teuma, Bishop of Gozo, the exhibition can be visited until the end of November during the normal opening hours of 9.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Sunday. Entrance remains free of charge.

‘Joseph: The Silent Witness’ will be accompanied with another full colour publication, number 14 in Il-Ħaġar Gems series.


Il-Ħaġar Museum and Cultural Centre is honoured to offer another important temporary exhibition featuring a substantial number of designs by Vincenzo Bonello for Gozitan churches, including Ta’ Pinu and Mġarr and the parishes at Kerċem, Qala and Xewkija. ‘Vincenzo Bonello: 130th Anniversary’ will be accompanied with publication nuber 13 in Il-Ħaġar GEMS series.

Judge Emeritus Giovanni Bonello will be leading the inauguration this Friday 3 September at 7.30pm, on the exact 130th anniversary of his father’s birth.

The exhibition can be visited till the 28th of September during the normal museum opening hours of 9.00am to 5.00pm, seven days a week. Entry is free of charge.

‘Vincenzo Bonello: 130th Anniversary’ is supported by the Ministry for Gozo, the Malta Tourism AuthorityHeritage MaltaMUŻA, the The National Archives of MaltaWignacourt Museum, Ta’ Pinu National Shrine, and the Cultural Heritage Directorate, Ministry for Gozo

Landmark Emvin Cremona Exhibition at Il-Ħaġar Museum

Il-Ħaġar Museum is honoured to offer an exceptional temporary Exhibition featuring some hundred assorted artworks by renowned Maltese artist Chev. Emvin Cremona (1919-1987).

These are well representative of the mediums and sectors this genius succeeded in excelling in. Distributed over a good part of this cultural centre are impressive examples of religious, portrait, abstract and philatelic works and designs – some of which are never on public display. Together with a range of documents, visitors will be guaranteed an in-depth experience.

This important exhibition, which has received strong support from collectors and entities alike, forms part of the 24th edition of the Victoria International Arts Festival, and is accompanied with another full-colour publication in the Il-Ħaġar Gems series.

Emvin Cremona 1919-1987 is being officially inaugurated by His Excellency President George Vella and can be visited from 27 June to 28 August during the normal opening hours of 9.00am to 5.00pm seven days a week. There are no entrance fees.

Lovers’ Cards

The Gozo Philatelic Society has set up a new exhibit in their showcase on level -1 at Il-Ħaġar, featuring vintage Lovers’ Cards.

The assortment is mostly from the World War I period which means the cards are a hundred years old; thus interest is quite wide, also offering an insight into social aspects.

The exhibition is on until after Valentine’s Day

George Scicluna’s PAINtings

George Scicluna’s temporary exhibition PAINtings at Il-Ħaġar Museum will be inaugurated by the Hon. Minister for Gozo Clint Camilleri tomorrow, Saturday, the 5th of December.

Spread over levels -1, Ground Floor, 1 and 2 of this cultural centre, PAINtings seeks to display a wide range of the artist’s latest works, and offers a great experience – for both those who have already tasted Scicluna’s art and also for others who will thus get to know this talented personality.

In order to ensure maximum safety for all patrons, Il-Ħaġar Museum is holding multiple official opening sessions: on Saturday 5th at 10:30, 12:00, 17:30, 18:30 and 19:30, and on Sunday 6th at 11:30. Patrons are kindly requested to book their preferred session of attendance by sending an email to info@heartofgozo.org.mt.

The exhibition, which runs until the 12th of January, can be visited during the normal opening hours of the museum: Monday to Sunday between 9.00am and 5.00pm.


Il-Ħaġar Museum is delighted to release the details of the next temporary exhibition, showcasing an intriguing selection of photographs by Tommaso Vecchi.

Organised and curated by Valerio Ballotta of GBK Malta Ltd, TIME eMOTION presents for the first time ever at international level works by this young Italian photographer who, in spite of discovering his passion for travel photography only two years ago, has already attracted the attention of important magazines such as National Geographic and Digital Camera. In fact, the photographs published in these magazines will be exhibited exclusively at this event.  Images on display will also feature a preview of the photographs selected for “Atlas of Humanity”, a Paris exhibition in May 2021.

TIME eMOTION will be accompanied by an exhibition catalogue, number 9 in Il-Ħaġar Gems series, illustrating this beautiful photographic journey.  It is the tangible result of his latest travels, starting from chaotic European capitals such as London, and those rich in art and culture, such as Paris, and extending to the most remote corners of the planet, in the search for distant cultures. The introduction of the catalogue is by Alessandro Bergamini.

With his photographs, Tommaso Vecchi is trying to introduce us to people and tribes accustomed to living in the most alarming social conditions, giving us the opportunity to get closer to these realities. In the effort of making us touch their essence, he depicts genuinely the beauty and peculiarity which characterise them.

The exhibition tracks the photographic journey of the artist, from the very first shots on the Dolomite Mountains, on to the travels which have deeply marked him, precisely identifying him in the travel photography genre. It is in India and Tibet that he really understood what it means to travel with the objective of learning more about the culture of distant and unknown populations and to share moments and experiences with them. This is what challenged him, a few months later, to confront the African tribes of the Omo Valley in Ethiopia. Through his photographic equipment, Vecchi tries to leave in awe all those who – for a reason or another – cannot travel to such places.

Undergoing the journey offered by this exhibition and book confirms UNESCO’s statement that  “Cultural diversity is a distinctive feature of humanity” and represents “the common cultural heritage of humanity, which is why it should be recognised and protected for the benefit of  current and future generations”. Each single person is a treasure for humanity.

The exhibition will also be complemented by unique movie clips which narrate the rites and ceremonies which are distinctive of these tribes.

Il-Ħaġar – Heart of Gozo Museum and Cultural Centre is open daily between 9.00am and 5.00pm, and entrance remains free of charge.