“To me art is what I do weather I am painting, designing, working on a book or working with wood.
Using different mediums allows me to express different ideas and
I like my work to leave a lasting impression in those who view my work.” (Savio Mizzi)
As Salvador Dali said “drawing is the honesty of the art.
There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad.”

Il-Ħaġar Museum, in Victoria, will host an exhibition of works by US based Gozitan artist Savio Mizzi.

Savio Mizzi wants those with a passion for art to know that he draws his inspiration from many sources and artistic school. While his approach is comprehensive, he isalways seeking the perfect match that is specifically tailored to his client’s needs.His work is found in many private collections both in North America and in Europe. He has a specialty in not only using certain styles, but he also enjoys combining and fusing different elements, thus making unique and beautiful pieces of art that will not only compliment any collection, but will bring life to any room in the home.

Because Savio believes that human spirit transcends all forms, he enjoys expression through surrealism. By seamlessly blurring, and occasionally breaking the arbitraryboundaries between dreams and reality, surrealist styles make the idiosyncratic conventional and turn the established and confined traditions on their head. Surrealism offers the ideal image for art lovers seeking expressions of the illogic married to geometric accuracy.

While occasionally chaotic, Savio believes that surrealist elements are essential for his landscape art. His fusions, though they flout some preconceptions, never violate the aesthetic feel implicit in his art. His art is bold, though his images, shy from outright audacity and discomfort.   He is a master of reconciling the unique, brash and idiosyncratic elements of the human experience with the timeless, immortal and organic rhythms of the natural world; he finds harmony in conflict and serenity in the erratic.

Whatever their tastes, art lovers without a work of art from Savio Mizzi have an incomplete collection. If you want to not only compliment your collection, but bring new life to it, Savio Mizzi is the artist you need to get in contact with. He promises to not only meet your expectations, but go beyond them.

Il-Ħaġar’s exhibition of works by Savio Mizzi starts Saturday, November 21 2015, and will run for the following fortnight. Mr Mizzi will be at the museum on Saturday and Sunday between 11.00am and 12pm null

WORK PUBLISHED:   Dell Books, Time Magazine, Bantam Books, Embassy Pictures, Newsday, ABC Network, N.Y.C. Opera National Company, Norton Books, Barnes and Nobles, Tor Books, and Donald I. Fine Inc. Commission Paintings in Europe & USA and worked on all accepts of design.

EXHIBITIONS: Show for UNICEF, Auctions by Christies Rome, Italy, Museo del Risorgimento, Rome, Italy, Exhibit of Maltese Contemporary Art, Malta, Exhibition, Contemporary Artist Exhibition New York Art Coliseum, National Museum of Fine Arts, Malta One Man Show, National Drawing Association, New York Group Show, Art.e Gallery, Xavier Sag Habor, and currently at The White Room Bridgehampton.