Great success at Lejlet Lapsi

15 May 2013 at 7:45 pm

What a huge success at Lejlet Lapsi !

On Saturday, the Museum Il-Ħaġar was  open for guided tours by Dr Paul G Pisani, which  included  L-Arti fl-Insiġ exhibition by Alda Bugeja.  There was also roof entertainment by The Tramps band  a free glass of wine and food for those who wanted to spend some time with friends.  On the same day at 7.45pm, the Basilica Choir Laudate Pueri gave a choral concert of sacred motets entitled Cantica Sacra.  It was a good occasion to visit the Basilica and admire its beauty and artistic treasures.  The museum management would like to thank all the organizers and those who gave a helping hand especially our youth team which organized the food on the roof.

Find here some photos from the occasion.

(Photos Toni Farrugia)