Il-Ħaġar Volunteers Thank-You Lunch

25 Jun 2016 at

This Saturday, 25 June 2016, the Fondazzjoni Belt Victoria hosted the volunteers who help to keep Il-Ħaġar Museum open to lunch.

The volunteers, who include Gozitans and ex-pat residents on the island, were the special guests at the restored Square Piano inaugural recital on the third floor of the museum. In welcoming them and the other guests, Mgr Farrugia made a special mention of the essential contribution that they give to keep the Museum running and accessible to the public on a seven-day per week basis.

The Il-Ħaġar volunteers were are the special guests at a lunch held, after the recital, inside the spacious and lovely dining halls in the recently built annexes to St George’s Basilica. Conceived primarily as a thank-you lunch, the Fondazzjoni Belt Victoria opened the lunch also to a number of paying guests to help cover the remaining expenses in the restoration of the Square Piano.

This made it possible to give exposure to this aspect of our museum’s life, that is, the input that so many generous people make towards the successful venture that Il-Ħaġar Museum is. The two-hour stint they give every week at the front-desk, their words of welcome to visitors and their polite appeal for a contribution are invaluable. As everybody knows, the museum entry is free of charge.

Visitors of this site who might read this and become interested in joining the Il-Ħaġar Volunteers Group are welcome to contact us or email Mrs Doris Cini, Group Coordinator.