More progress


With just a couple of weeks separating us from the grand opening we are happy to note that a lot of progress has been made.  This building is now hosting a variety of workers, including locals working on the ‘spine’ which is a very innovative feature distinguishing our museum and some joiners from Hungary working on the display cases imported purposely for us. These will be joined by our designers from UK at the beginning of next week and then there is the continuous input of many volunteers including the museum working group members and directors.

A group of people is also working on the logistics of the opening, our media, such as website and facebook , printing material and organisation in general.  There are also a number of activities coming up to mark this important event in our times.  On Friday 22nd February there will be a commemorating event in honour of Canon Gann Piet Agius De Soldanis at 6.30 pm, while on Saturday at 9.30 am the Prime Minister of Malta, the Hon. Dr. Lawrence Gonzi will officially open the museum.  The event includes band marches by La Stella Philharmonic Band at St George’s Square.  In the evening we will hold a grand vocal concert, unique of its kind, with the participation of the Cappella Sistina Choir.  The event will be at 8 pm at St George’s Basilica.  The following day, Sunday 24th February, at 11 am a Pontifical High Mass will held with the participation of HL Mgr Mario Grech, Bishop of Gozo and Deacon of St George’s Collegiate Chapter.