On-site drawing and painting


Il-Ħaġar | Heart of Gozo museum in Victoria has an important objective which the museum is aiming at, that is a wider appreciation of our artistic heritage.

As this obviously includes the younger generation, the museum’s collaboration was extended to artist-educator Mario Cassar, with the museum hosting one of the sessions for the enthusiastic Form 2-4 students participating in the Summer Course he organised, emphasising on-site drawing and painting. The museum often hosts visits by groups of children and students from different age groups, such as classes from St Francis Primary who, after guided tours, sat and watched with great interest, some of the video clips available in the media rooms.

Though mainly showcasing natural and artistic gems, the videos also include one featuring the founder of the Congregation running the school: Margherita Debrincat, who was recently declared Venerable.

(From www.gozonews.com)