Strong progress


With the arrival of the lift and the signing of the showcases contract, the Museum project has made important leaps forward.

In fact, as anyone who takes a peep will immediately notice, progress has at last gone into a much higher tempo.  Various difficulties have now been overcome and no new ones are being foreseen.

Giving a brief overview, one should mention that:

  • the marble floors have been laid,
  • all plumbing and electricity have been installed,
  • the soffit is nearing completion,
  • apertures should arrive very soon,
  • the existing balconies are being restored,
  • the iron structure for the glass floors is concluded,
  • air-conditioning and air-diffusion should be concluded within days,
  • alarm and other wiring is ready,
  • work on the parquets is ongoing and, to stop at a round ten,
  • final measurements for the PV system have been made.

A further positive note is the finalization of restoration of the first six artefacts for exhibition.

During the some thirty months since works were actually begun, we have been courageous enough to change and adapt: the aim has always been to achieve a state-of-the-art centre.  While being alert to get the best value for money, we have not been afraid to exceed budget where that was deemed necessary, following the analysis of expert advice.

This obviously means that we have to make repeated appeals for your financial support.  An impressive number – not limited to locals – have acquired FBV life membership through the “Turn €150 into 1000” scheme, with its range of benefits; and others have been even more generous!  These show that they have understood the importance of our venture, and the honour and satisfaction of having a direct share in it.

We are looking forward to also getting commercial sponsorship, to be added to the 85% ERDF part-financing and the support received from the Co-financing Fund and eco-Gozo NGO schemes.