TIME eMOTION The photography of Tommaso Vecchi at Il-Ħaġar Museum

07 Nov 2020 - 01 Dec 2020

Il-Ħaġar Museum is delighted to release the details of the next temporary exhibition, showcasing an intriguing selection of photographs by Tommaso Vecchi.

Organised and curated by Valerio Ballotta of GBK Malta Ltd, TIME eMOTION presents for the first time ever at international level works by this young Italian photographer who, in spite of discovering his passion for travel photography only two years ago, has already attracted the attention of important magazines such as National Geographic and Digital Camera. In fact, the photographs published in these magazines will be exhibited exclusively at this event.  Images on display will also feature a preview of the photographs selected for “Atlas of Humanity”, a Paris exhibition in May 2021.

TIME eMOTION will be accompanied by an exhibition catalogue, number 9 in Il-Ħaġar Gems series, illustrating this beautiful photographic journey.  It is the tangible result of his latest travels, starting from chaotic European capitals such as London, and those rich in art and culture, such as Paris, and extending to the most remote corners of the planet, in the search for distant cultures. The introduction of the catalogue is by Alessandro Bergamini.

With his photographs, Tommaso Vecchi is trying to introduce us to people and tribes accustomed to living in the most alarming social conditions, giving us the opportunity to get closer to these realities. In the effort of making us touch their essence, he depicts genuinely the beauty and peculiarity which characterise them.

The exhibition tracks the photographic journey of the artist, from the very first shots on the Dolomite Mountains, on to the travels which have deeply marked him, precisely identifying him in the travel photography genre. It is in India and Tibet that he really understood what it means to travel with the objective of learning more about the culture of distant and unknown populations and to share moments and experiences with them. This is what challenged him, a few months later, to confront the African tribes of the Omo Valley in Ethiopia. Through his photographic equipment, Vecchi tries to leave in awe all those who – for a reason or another – cannot travel to such places.

Undergoing the journey offered by this exhibition and book confirms UNESCO’s statement that  “Cultural diversity is a distinctive feature of humanity” and represents “the common cultural heritage of humanity, which is why it should be recognised and protected for the benefit of  current and future generations”. Each single person is a treasure for humanity.

The exhibition will also be complemented by unique movie clips which narrate the rites and ceremonies which are distinctive of these tribes.

Il-Ħaġar – Heart of Gozo Museum and Cultural Centre is open daily between 9.00am and 5.00pm, and entrance remains free of charge.