Il-Ħaġar Museum closed All exhibitions to move online

We regret to inform you that in view of the new COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the Government, Il-Ħaġar Museum will be closed with immediate effect until 11 April 2021. However, one can still admire its Lenten displays online.

One of the exhibits include hundreds of miniature clay statuettes representing a Good Friday procession. The statuettes were made by Joseph Agius, Paul Muscat and the late Lino Fardell, long-established Christmas crib artisans. The idea of creating this artistic Good Friday procession was, in fact, developed within the circle of presepisti and pasturi artisans. There are figurines of various styles, representing both the strictly traditional devotional procession and the modern pageantry type.

Vexilla Regis, housed in a showcase on level -1, has an impressive range of Crucifixes, from different periods and in assorted styles.

An exhibition of sacred art -Twilights – by Aaron Formosa is also available to view online. The theme of the exhibition is human existence in the light of Christ – the spiritual light which enlightens the human condition and makes it meaningful.

Il-Ħaġar Museum is also commemorating the 3rd anniversary of Mro Joseph Vella’s demise with an exhibition about the collaborations between him and another Maltese great who passed away last year, Profs Oliver Frggieri. Joseph Vella and Oliver Friggieri: A Meeting of Minds includes a number of posters regarding the two works, Rewwixta and Il-Belt Rebbieha.