Welcome! A message from the Curator

Once again, welcome.

It is with great pleasure that Il-Ħaġar Museum reopens its doors. The easing of the Covid-19 national partial lockdown has now made it possible.

The day we pinned the notice on our locked-up door that the Museum had been closed to the public because of the gathering pandemic was a sad day. That day was almost a hundred days ago.

To the extent that regulations allowed, we sought to make good use of these “lost” days to carry out improvements and finish works in progress, which means that we tried to make the best use of this culturally catastrophic period.

Now that cultural entities such as ours are being allowed to reopen, with all the necessary precautions in place for the safety of both our volunteers and visitors, we are so happy to be able once again to say “welcome” and to make this cultural place, unique to these islands, accessible to the public.

Mgr Dr Joseph Farrugia